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With a seasoned journey spanning over a decade in software engineering 🧑‍💻, I specialize in sculpting robust and scalable solutions using emerging and established tech stacks. Recent experience in Kubernetes, GCP, GoLang, CI/CD Pipeline in GitLab, and NodeJs, my toolkit extends to technical solution design, microservices architectures, platform engineering, event based architectures, and people leadership. Let's harness the future of tech together 🌏.

Lead Software Engineer at Outback Yak

From Aug 2023 to Present, Melbourne

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  • Designed and built a virtual patient interface to be used as a pedagogical tool for medical training using fine-tuned gpt-3.5-turbo and equivalent LLMs. The solution was built using a React frontend, a Koa/Typescript REST API layer, LLM infrastructure from OpenAI, IBM, and , Anyscale. The solution was deployed to Google Cloud using Pulumi.
  • Helped achieve a reduction of cloud compute costs by 97%, migrating from AWS to GCP, levegaging Cloud Run's autoscale to 0.
  • Built a retrieval augmented generation(RAG) powered solution using OpenAI and ChromaDB.
  • Built a CI/CD pipeline using Github actions for robust repeatable releases using Pulumi to manage infrastructure as code.

Technologies: Typescript, Koa, Node.js, OpenAI GPT3.5, Anyscale, IBM Watson, Langchain, ChromaDB, RAG, Pulumi, GCP Cloud Run.

Engineering Team Lead at Sensand

From Sep 2021 to May 2023, Melbourne, AU

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Led the team responsible for building Blockbase which combines remote sensing and on-the-ground data, facilitating streamlined collection processes, optimised operational planning, and long-term monitoring of ecosystem changes. My responsibilities included
  • Recruit and onboard Senior Engineers to the team.
  • Lead the technical solution design and implementation of Blockbase using vendor agnostic technologies like Kubernetes, Kong, Ory Hydra, OPA, and a microservices approach.
  • Identify and plan technical aspects in achieving ISO27001 and GDPR certification.
  • Set up processes to build, test, and deploy Blockbase using Agile methodology. This involves defining standards, setting up tooling, CI/CD pipelines, and Observability platform to monitor application performance.
  • Implemented highly scalable microservices for aerial image processing, image classification, and other workloads in Node.js and GoLang.

Technologies: GoLang, Typescript, Node.Js, Python, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Kong API Gateway, Ory Hydra(oAuth2.0), Open Policy Agent, Microservices.

Senior Software Engineer at Sensand

From May 2021 to Sep 2021, Melbourne, AU

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As a senior software engineer, I am responsible for implementing and deploying parts of our aerial imagery-based object detection app.
  • Built a frontend to operationalize an image classification ML model built by partner research institution.
  • Built tooling in python to process large GeoTIFF aerial imagery through raster image based ML pipelines
  • Built a web map tile server to overlay tiles of high-resolution aerial imagery in a mapping application

Technologies: GoLang, Typescript, Node.Js, Python, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Kong API Gateway, Ory Hydra(oAuth2.0), Open Policy Agent, Microservices.

Software Engineer at Deakin University

From Aug 2018 to Feb 2021 at, Melbourne, AU

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During my time as a Software Engineer at Deakin, I was a part of 2 product teams. During my first year, I was a part of the team responsible for Deakin Scout, an award-winning application built to help students with indoor navigation in Deakin's campuses. After Deakin Scout, I worked on the project Launchpad, which was responsible for reimagining Deakin Sync, Deakin's student portal, used by all Deakin students and staff.
  • Helped set up the application development platform, CI/CD pipeline with functional and non-functional checks, and development standards for the agile release train with 4 scrum teams.
  • Augmented the CI/CD pipeline with end-to-end automated tests using BDD style feature files.
  • Defined the Node.js development standards and created templates using yeoman to make it easier for developers to spin up new microservices automatically.
  • Built several microservices using Node.js to interface with external SaaS solutions, and MongoDB.

Technologies: Node.js, Typescript, Yeoman, Contentful, MongoDB, Docker Swarm, GitLab CI/CD,, Python, Behave, Docker

Scrum Master at Deakin University

From Oct 2019 to Feb 2020 at, Melbourne, AU

Web Applications Developer at Deakin University

From Nov 2017 to Jul 2018 at, Melbourne, AU

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  • Develop Node.js APls for DeakinScout, an award-winning indoor wayfinding solution for kiosks, and mobile.
  • Automate repetitive business processes by building an analytics dashboard in Angular to help Deakin's internal customers self-serve their location feed telemetry requests.
  • Maintain and improve DeakinScout CI/CD pipeline in Bamboo

Technologies: Node.js, Typescript, SQL Server, MongoDB, Bamboo CI/CD, Docker, Angular, Ionic, GeoJSON, Leaflet, Cisco CMX

You can find my older, and more complete experiences on my LinkedIn

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The University of Melbourne

Master of Engineering (Software) | 2016 to 2018, Melbourne, AU

Activities and Societies
  • Represented The University of Melbourne in Vatican Hacks
  • Secretary - Nepalese Student Society

  • Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine - Google Cloud Training
  • Professional Scrum Master I - Scrum.org
  • Certified SAFe® 4 Practitioner - Scaled Agile, Inc
  • Deakin University: Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Value
  • Technical Design
  • Team Leadership
  • Articulation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Kubernetes
  • GoLang
  • Node.js
  • DevOps
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Event based architecture
  • Web Mapping
  • Langchain
  • OpenAI Platform
  • oAuth2.0
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