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Hi, I'm Bishal
🧑‍💻 Builder, Infinite Learner & Storyteller

I specialize in sculpting robust and scalable solutions using emerging and contemporary tech stacks. I am passionate about technology and love talking about #devops, #cloudnative, #googlecloud, #machinelearning, #generativeai.

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💻 Labs

I have documented some experiments and adventures collectively in my labs, and blog section. I am particularly proud of these below


ImmiGPT is a Large Language Model(LLM) powered chatbot designed to produce factually correct, and up to date information about Australian Immigration system.

Vim Tutorial Series

In this comprehensive series, we dive into the world of Vim, exploring its features, shortcuts, and customization options. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned coder, our step-by-step tutorials will help you harness Vim's efficiency and speed up your workflow.

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